Dancer, Choreographer & Artist Director

Fidel Buika is a talented and tireless dancer, choreographer and artistic director from Spain, with international recognition.

His roots are African-Spanish, so rhythm, music and dance have been part of his upbringing.

Attracted by the Hip-Hop and dance movement in New York, Los Angeles and London of the late 70’s and 80’s, he left his native Barcelona, at a very early age to be taught by some of the best choreographers of the time, spending more than ten years being trained in London and the USA.

Soon enough he began to form his own students and to develop his own personality as a choreographer and turn teaching and dancing into a way of life. Since then, he has been teaching all over the world.


He is now the exclusive NIKE choreographer for Portugal, Spain and Italy. He has choreographed advertisements for:

H&S, Freixenet, El Corte Inglés, Women’ Secret, Codorniu, Seat, Smart, Vivesoy, Cosmo, Motorola, Burger King, Easyjet, Sony, PlayStation, Coca-Cola, Movistar, Telefónica, Malibú, Licor 43, Vitalinea, Mercedes, BMW, El Corte Inglés.


He has participated as a dancer and choreographer in important concerts through out the years with people like: Tom Jones, Gloria Gaynor, Paulina Rubio, Carlos Rivera, Melendi, Manuel Carrasco, Dani Martin, David Bisbal and Edurne. He was also the choreographer for the Fifa World Cup.


He has taken part in two very pivotal television programs in Spain, like FAMA and Operación Triunfo, the latter being the first ever singing competition which sparked others like XFactor, and then American Idol.


In 2014 he created his own very successful dinner-show for a Night Club in Barcelona, called The Crack “Black is back” which attracted a lot of public every night. He . . . . . . has also worked as a choreographer in other dinner-shows and events like:

-PRIVATE EVENT «32 BIRTHDAY OF CRISTIANO RONALDO» As Choreographer.  It was a show created in the 20’s and the time of dry law.

-EXCLUSIVE DINNER SHOW & CLUB » TEATRO» in Raceweekend, Abu Dhabi 2017. As Artistic Director & Choreographer SHOW » TEATRO» organized by RichList Group.

-«PIRATES» (Dinner Show – Mallorca), Choreographer, 2016 and 2017.

– «GATSBY» (Dinner Show – Barcelona), as the Artistic Director. It was a show created in the 20’s and the time of dry law.

– «PROVOCATOUR» (Dinner Show – Barcelona), as the Choreographer. It was a completely erotic and sensual show.

– EVENT THEATRE «BASF» (Dinner Show – Germany 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019), as the Artistic Co-Director & Choreographer. Production by Publicwork Entertainment.

– EXCLUSIVE DINNER SHOW & CLUB » TEATRO» (Dinner Show – Marbella), as the Artistic Director & Choreographer.

– “CIRCUS OH LA LA” (Zurich), as the Choreographer (2014-2015).

– “CIRCUS SALTO NATALE” (Zurich), as the Choreographer in 2015.

– EVENT FASHION SHOW «LAMBERTZ» (Germany 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018-2019), as the Artistic Co-Director & Choreographer, known as one of the best events in Germany VIP. In Cooperation with Public Work Entertainment, Germany

-VIDEO CLIP Dani Martín «La Mentira»

-VIDEO CLIP Melendi y Andy Clay «Dímelo»

-VIDEO CLIP CARLOS RIVERA “ Regrésame mi corazón “  Fidel Buika as Choreographer. México.

-WORLD TOUR GUERRA by Carlos Rivera. Choreographer Fidel Buika.

-VIDEO CLIP «Déjala que Baile» Melendi feat Alejandro Sanz and Arkano. Fidel Buika as Choreographer. Best video of the year 2018, Los40 Music Awards

-NEW TV SERIES «Toy Boy» in Antena3. Choreographer: Fidel Buika.

His success as a choreographer consist in his love affair with music and dance, finding expression through his dancers, most of which become his personal friends, due to his endearing personality and the love and patience he treats them with.

Fidel Buika is not a choreographer of simple steps, but an inspiring force to his dancers who find in him a great mentor.